Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh to break silence on HBO tonight

Chris Bosh has been out since the All-Star Game. (Getty Images)
Chris Bosh has been out since the All-Star Game. (Getty Images)

The Heat‘s Chris Bosh went down at the All-Star break with a blood clot in his calf and has not spoken publicly since. It has been a tense five months, with Bosh pushing to play and the organization uneasy about that idea. Bosh became frustrated enough that he got the players union involved, though he and the team later issued a joint statement saying they agreed he would sit out the postseason.

Through all of this, the only public word from Bosh was a brief statement in March saying the clot was gone and he intended to return before the end of the season. While he did not get back on the court, he was on the bench late in the season and throughout the playoffs. He sat in the locker room before games and hung out at practices, but was not available for the media and never spoke about his status.

For the first time in about five months, Bosh will answer questions. He taped an episode of Bill Simmons’ new show, Any Given Wednesday, on Tuesday with actor Anthony Anderson. Bosh’s conversation with Simmons will air tonight on HBO at 10 p.m.

It’ll be an interesting 24 hours of TV for the Heat, with Dwyane Wade scheduled to co-host Live with Kelly on Thursday (9 a.m., ABC). Wade’s free agency has been plenty turbulent over the past week, and his future in Miami is uncertain as he prepares to meet with the Bulls, Bucks and Nuggets.

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