Winslow on flagrant: “I like the Plumlees; I played with a Plumlee”

Justise Winslow defended his Flagrant 1, but understood it. (Getty Images)
Justise Winslow defended his Flagrant 1, but understood it. (Getty Images)

Justise Winslow appears to have been caught on a technicality.

While his elbow that caught Milwaukee’s Miles Plumlee on Wednesday seemed to be incidental, any elbow-to-the-face situation usually results in a flagrant foul. After the officials reviewed it, they assessed him a Flagrant 1.

“It was a basketball play,” Winslow said. “I got the rebound and he got hit by an elbow. It was nothing intentional. I like the Plumlees. I played with a Plumlee. They made the call and there was nothing I could do about it. It was understandable, but I didn’t think it was excessive and I didn’t intentionally do it.”

Winslow was teammates with Marshall Plumlee at Duke before being drafted by the Heat this year. The oldest Plumlee, Mason, currently plays for Portland.

Making the foul worse for Winslow, the play was crucial to Milwaukee pulling away late. The Heat took a 92-89 lead with eight minutes left and were behind 97-92 two minutes later.

Winslow’s flagrant was essentially a turnover as he came down with a defensive rebound and hit Plumlee. Plumlee made both free throws, Milwaukee kept the ball and Giannis Antetokounmpo scored on a finger roll.

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“It was a normal rebound,” he said. “I don’t know if he ran into my elbow or I hit him, but I made contact. If you hit him them the head, you’re most likely gonna get a flagrant. It wasn’t intentional. I didn’t swing my elbow. He just ran into the elbow.

“I’ve gotten plenty of elbows to the head and the face this year and no calls, so I didn’t think it was anything excessive until you see the replay. But it’s a tough call. I leave that up to the officials.”

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