ESPN Radio: LeBron glued to soccer broadcast during 2014 meeting with Riley

Riley and James, roughly a month before their meeting in Las Vegas. (Getty Images)
Riley and James, roughly a month before their meeting in Las Vegas. (Getty Images)

The details surrounding LeBron James’ departure from the Heat will leak out in bits and pieces for years and an interesting one popped up this morning.

During a segment discussing whether the Heat would ever be willing to bring back James, who has endured some turbulence in Cleveland since leaving, ESPN Radio host Dan Le Batard revealed something that bothered Pat Riley when he met with James in the summer of 2014.

In retrospect, Riley apparently feels James had already decided to rejoin the Cavaliers before Riley flew from Miami to Las Vegas for the meeting. After traveling across the country for what the thought was a legitimate re-recruiting opportunity, he was irritated that James and his crew didn’t seem to be engaged in the discussion.

“I don’t think Pat Riley would take him back based on what I know, but maybe there’s a way around that if The King wishes to grovel,” Le Batard said on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. “Maybe. I’m not kidding about this. Because Pat Riley was made to feel, flying across the country– Pat Riley’s got an ego, man.

“The details I could give you on some of the stuff that happened in that meeting– Pat Riley is trying to recruit LeBron, and they won’t stop watching the World Cup game that’s on there. The group of guys in the room won’t stop. He’s sitting there, come on.”

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