Why would Heat believe they can win right now?

Bosh and Wade are leading the underdog Miami Heat in some uneven fights. (Getty Images)
Bosh and Wade are leading the underdog Miami Heat in some uneven fights. (Getty Images)

Players rarely size up a matchup the way those of us on the outside do, and the Heat do not view their current predicament hopelessly.

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While professional athletes have a different brand of competitiveness than most people, it seems obvious that Miami has little chance to beat any good team right now — especially on the road. The Heat’s best parts of Friday’s game in Toronto were when they got it down to a nine-point game in the second half before losing by 20.

Most people outside the locker room expected that type of result. How do players make themselves think any differently?

“You go into every game with a belief in the game plan and a belief that you can do it,” Dwyane Wade said. “Obviously at some point in the game, a team that’s better than you and overpowers you — they prove it at some point. That’s what (the Raptors) did. But you come out and compete.

“You don’t go into the game saying, ‘Oh yeah, we’ve lost this one.’ That’s just not how we’re built. It’s not how I’m built. But it’s tough.”

Posed with the same question, Chris Bosh answered, “You just find a way and go compete, man. Even if we’re undermanned and I know Gerald (Green) can’t run and Dwyane is one wrong move from having a setback, just don’t worry about that stuff. Go out there and play. Concentrate on doing things right.

“When you’re undermanned on the road, it’s only natural. We’re playing very good teams. You know that. You have to be realistic. I’ve got 13 years in the league. You know what’s going to happen. You just try to win a couple games and pay more attention to execution and just keep going. Don’t let things get you down. Don’t let those reasons affect your play, which is easier said than done. It’s a good test for mental toughness.”

One Miami player put it as succinctly as possible.

“F— it,” he said. “Just go in there and give them hell and try to keep the game close.”

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